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When Your Dryer Needs to Vent That Dirt

Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

Save your energy for the laundry, not the lint. We at Best Solutions Services are the elite force in dryer vent cleaning! Keep your dirty dryer vent for us.

On Your Mark, Get Set…Clothes!


  • The clothes have stopped drying normally after a drying cycle.
  • Drying time of clothes is longer than usual.
  • There is a musty stench on your clothes even after you’ve washed them.
  • The laundry comes out hot after a drying cycle.
  • The room where the dryer works seems unusually hot.
  • The hood flap on the dryer vent seems to be malfunctioning.
  • You notice debris on the outside of the vent opening.
  • You notice little piles of lint in the lint filter.
  • The dryer sheets smell funny.
  • You haven’t cleaned that thing in ages.

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Committed to Perfection


Seem to be getting that dirty end of the stick with your dryer vent too often? Think Best Solution Services. We come, we clean, we conquer!

No matter how regular you are with your lint cleaning session, some of it eventually escapes through the lint trap and builds right on the vent. Over time, this accumulation causes your dryer to slog and become less efficient. The passage of hot air narrows down, resulting in the dryer heating up excessively and delaying drying time.

A dirty, clogged dryer vent is a live, ticking time bomb. You wouldn’t even realize, and it would explode, bursting into flames. Even if it doesn’t, the moisture wouldn’t exit out of it, offering a nice breeding ground for mildew. And then, a messy dryer vent is also the beginning of higher utility bills. In short, cleaning the dryer vent is an investment you can’t and shouldn’t put asides.

The idea is to clean the vent to perfection. Don’t even think DIY! This work calls for serious safety concerns only professionals can handle. This is why you should call our HVAC experts instead. Best Solution Services is your knight in the shining armor when your dryer cries out for a cleanup and you are tired consoling it. We are here to offer you the best dryer vent cleaning services in Portland without you going over the odds.

We come to you as a well-equipped and trained team of technicians who know the job inside out. Working to our full capacity, we provide you identify problem areas and offer cleaning solutions accordingly. The best part? Our prices are competitive and affordable so people with all types of financial abilities can take our services. We are flexible that way! With Best Solution Services, prepare to get a better view of quality dry vent cleaning services.

Allow Us to Hurt the Dirt


  • We begin the process by examining the outside cap on the vent and remove it if

  • A special lint brush (snake brush) is then inserted inside the duct pipe to loosen the lint from the walls.
  • Once the lint loosens, it is cleaned with the help of a long vacuum tube using the
    negative pressure method.
  • This is followed by a thorough diagnostic testing to measure the pressure being sent through the vent, the gas escaping, and the presence of unwanted gaps within the vent.
  • If the results are not satisfactory, the process is repeated until optimum values are

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